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Rumors and Speculations About PlayStation Vita's Release Date?

Sure there is some thing Nintendo is planning? Restructuring their plans for Wii U maybe? Maybe Nintendo realized that they have to do something for Nintendo U 'now', rather than later, before the console ultimately ends up like Nintendo's 3DS. Nintendo has recently cut the price of 3DS in order to get more sales. The 3DS's sales simply weren't like how Nintendo had expected to see, and now they cut the purchase price by 40% to avoid making more losses. Now, what will happen to help Wii U? Will the same principal happen to this forthcoming console?

Additionally, it has been known since Nintendo are targeting hardcore gamers while using the upcoming Wii U, as opposed to casual gamers, which are generally Nintendo Wii's customer base. Is this a gamble move that will cost Nintendo not just their existing customers (of Wii, which is 'casual' gamers) and losing their targeted clients, which is hardcore gamers too?
A few months ago Sony announced the coming of the successor to the PLAYSTATION PORTABLE, dubbed the Playstation Vita. Month's sooner Nintendo released their latest handheld gaming machine, the 3DS. Since its launch the 3DS has already established lackluster sales causing Nintendo to prematurely lower the price of the system. Many are quick to point out that the competition from the mobile phone game sector has cannibalized 3DS gross sales. However, is this really the case? If it's not necessarily, then why has the 3DS struggled so much and what can this Playstation Vita do and avoid the same problems.

The thing that affects a system launch more than anything is the firm of games released for it. At its launch, Nintendo seemingly had several visible 3rd party games launching while using the system (Madden, Super Street Fighter, Sims) to mention a few. However, most of these games were half cooked launch titles. Most these received poor reviews and weren't compelling. Interest receded quickly.

From your technology standpoint the 3DS is innovative. It is the main handheld gaming device to help convincingly use 3D, for the most part. Although the 3D effect is impressive, the narrow view field makes the machine tedious and sometimes difficult to use. Also, early warnings from Nintendo regarding extended entry to the 3D effect didn't assistance.

So what can the PS Vita do to avoid these problems? The most important thing Sony can do is to have an impressive lineup for that Playstation Vita. So far several successful PS3 franchises have already announced Playstation Vita designs: Uncharted, Call of Job, Silent Hill, Resistance, Mortal Kombat and many more. However, Sony needs to pressure quality over quantity with these initial launch titles. Compelling games will get more gamers and drive more sales for the Playstation Vita.

In writing, the Playstation Vita is a technological monster. It has nearly as much power as the PS3 and is a fraction of that size. It has a whole lot of nice features such for a front touch screen in addition to a back touch pad as well a three-axis gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer. All this high-tech stuff means practically nothing unless developers use these kind of features in unique together with creative ways. home

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